(almost) caught in a hurricane

My short trip to New Orleans/the south was cut even shorter after all the weather madness. I woke up Wednesday (July 10) morning to 1) a nonstop thunderstorm with PLENTY of thunder and lightning and 2) multiple TORNADO and FLASH FLOOD warnings sent to my phone.

It was quite scary and I went to check the streets and thankfully didn’t see any flooding despite the ongoing rain. It was even a scarier sight out in the main streets. As we were driving, there were numerous abandoned cars just EVERYWHERE! It felt like I was on The Walking Dead! Many cars were parked on these middle grassy areas - I later learned these were “high ground” areas and good to park on if you found yourself caught in a storm/flash floods. But the amount of ones abandoned in the streets was an unnerving sight. I wondered where the people ran to and if they made it to their homes safely. Throughout the day, tow trucks were working around the clock.

Then out of nowhere, we learned a storm/hurricane was heading our way. OUR WAY. And then there were fears about the pumps in the city and whether the levees would hold when Barry came and really - it was a lot to deal with!

Despite the weather madness, we made the most of the days we were there - even got to road trip up to Jackson, Mississippi for a day trip. We planned on heading to Biloxi and Mobile, Alabama too, but alas, we had to get out of dodge.

The food was as yummy as we expected. The locals were kind. The architecture was amazing to see in real life. Loved all the weeping willows and Spanish moss. The heat was pretty unbearable at times, especially mixed in with the humidity (ugh) - had sweat running down my back and sideburns most days. Unfortunately, our bayou/swamp tour got canceled as the city prepped itself for Barry. We didn’t get to see any alligators, but we sure ate them!

With the trip cut so short, coming home was a major bummer. I felt like we needed more time. It didn’t feel right to come home yet. Like we abandoned something perfectly wonderful. But due to the unpredictable southern weather, I don’t think any of us plan to go back to the south any time soon. It was not something we expected and definitely not something we prepared for (and could have prepared for). I’m just glad Barry wasn’t super disastrous in the end.

Wherever my next trip will be, please no more heat waves or tropical storms!

- Krystal

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