🦋 like a butterfly caught in a tornado 🌪️

In the midst of writing my second book, someone in my family became hurt - my dad, or, Pa.

It made me realize the importance of writing and most importantly, writing this second book in general. My second book is reliving the past, my feelings and thoughts on specific moments in time with family. And it’s these early memories that stems from my dad’s wanting to travel, whether to Golden Gate Park or as far away as Canada.

I view my writing and publishing as ways to not only preserve my memories, but to also preserve my family’s history - history of being refugees and living in a way that traveling, near and far, could bring us joy and comfort while dealing with life in America.

I want to share my stories and how I remember it. I want to share a small piece of what it was like to grow up as a second generation Khmer American in the Bay Area.

The book is coming along, in between helping care for my dad. I want to spend more time on it and “perfect” it, unlike my semi-rushed publication of “follow the mekong home.” Please look forward to it.

- Krystal

Find me: monyda.com