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So I recently opened up shop (again)!:

I’ve used all kinds of sites in the past - Big Cartel, Storenvy, Tictail… I knew of Gumroad for years, but it was still in its early stages then and it didn’t have all the features it does now. I also like their fees this time around - better than how it was before. That and the fact that I could sell digitally with ease is why I ended up re-opening with Gumroad.

It’ll be my home base for selling signed/PDF copies of my work, zines and other things I’d like to include along the way. The biggest thing I added recently was a PDF version of my book, ‘Follow the Mekong Home.’ My original files were corrupted when my old laptop malfunctioned. Thankfully, all I had to do was ask Kindle Direct Publishing (basically Amazon) if they could send me my original manuscript - and they did! I had to make some adjustments and I’m no professional, but the PDF copy looks pretty good. :P As long as it’s readable (which it is)!

I also did another big thing - finally got my book into Draft2Digital! It was on pause because I made an account around the time my laptop malfunctioned. They basically turn your Word doc into an ebook and help distribute it to other sites and even libraries! Since my ebook is already on Amazon, that was one site I didn’t need to check when going through the list.

Draft2Digital is going to start a print-on-demand service soon (hopefully sometime this year) and I’m so excited! I want to stray away from Amazon, but right now, they’re the best choice in terms of ease and costs. Barnes and Noble has their own service too, but it’s restricted to just B&N whereas at least with Amazon, I can distribute my books out and then use Draft2Digital to get a wider reach in terms of ebooks. For now, this system works for me!

As for book 2, I am making strides, but recently took a break. I look forward to publishing it, but first need to continue writing and then dive into the nitty gritty parts of editing, formatting, etc. I definitely want to publish it before the end of the year!

Lastly, I mentioned over on my personal Instagram account that I would do a review post on my zero/low waste/eco/body-friendly products. It may come this week or later in the month as I’ll be traveling soon! :)

- Krystal

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